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Thank you for your interest in booking your next trip with Spin the Globe / travel!

As you may suspect, making wheelchair accessible travel arrangements is a bit more complex than just clicking on a few websites. The process centers around my clients and their individual needs, which means I want to get to know YOU!

To start working with me, please fill out my New Client Questionnaire to provide me with more information about you, your needs, and your desires and preferences with regards to destinations. It also helps me to know how much (or how little) experience you have had traveling with a disability and/or mobility aid. I want to make sure you have realistic expectations about accessible travel, and I want to help craft the perfect experience for you!

After I get to know you better, our consultation begins to narrow things down like destinations, budgets, and activities. Using all of this information, I will provide you with a trip proposal outlining options for what we discussed, as well as a price range that will vary based on your choices. Once you make your selections, a deposit will be due so we can start planning, and final payment in full will be due once all arrangements are confirmed. You will receive a detailed itinerary, accessibility guides for your destinations (when available), and contact information for your tour and transportation providers.

I currently offer six featured destinations where I have established relationships with suppliers like hotels, tour guides, and transportation companies. These are also all English-speaking destinations where I have personally visited and spent some time exploring. However, we are not limited to planning vacations to only these destinations! I will work with you to determine if your desired destination is wheelchair accessible, and if so, to find suppliers that fully meet your accessibility needs – and my standards for excellence. 

Please review my Terms & Conditions and read the fine print! You will be asked to sign a document indicating you read these terms and are in full agreement with our policies. I will also be happy to discuss options for purchasing travel insurance, which I highly recommend. If this all sounds good to you…