There are few sights in this world more stunning than the fjords of Norway. Equally impressive, but in a different way, are the palaces of St. Petersburg, the castles of Scotland, and the medieval towns of Estonia. These are all places that wheelchair users can visit on a variety of cruise itineraries in northern Europe. While my personal experience in this region is limited to the Baltic area, I will do my best to present you with information about cruise lines, itineraries, and ports of call.

 Cruises in northern Europe have very different personalities than those in the Mediterranean. You will find itineraries that offer a lot more natural scenery, although there is plenty of history and old architecture to explore. With the exception of Disney, most major cruise lines offer itineraries in northern Europe. Common departure ports include Copenhagen, Stockholm, Amsterdam, and Southampton, with typical itineraries including the British Isles, the Baltic capitals, and Norwegian fjords. Some more adventurous itineraries head out to Iceland and even Greenland, but many of the ports of call there are tender-only.